It’s Almost August – Where Did 2020 Go?

Races were cancelled and my blogging may have came to a halt, but I’m back and excited to share what I have been up to!

I’ve reached my highest mileage months and I’ve reached my lowest mileage months. I’ve gone through phases of practicing yoga every day to sitting in my inflatable pool every day (lol, I’m not kidding at all). But most recently, I launched Runnergrams, a place where I can share my running-inspired designs through print, digital and watercolor on a variety of mediums.

I “designed” my first shirt when I was in 5th grade for my entire elementary school (big whoop), but my first “REAL” design was for a 4 mile race during my senior year of high school. That was when I really grew my passion for running-inspired art. As I pursued a career outside of art, I lost my desire to share my designs – I thought “I’m not a professional” or “someone else can do it better than I can”. While both are true, I decided to start sharing my work because why not? Check out the links below to see what I’ve been working on and thanks for following as I re-find this hobby of mine.

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 3

Monday 1/14

An “easy” run – 6.1 miles at 8:50 /mile – with my last mile at goal marathon pace. Then I ended with my leg circuit (2×10 weighted front squats, 2×10 single leg deadlifts and 2×10 weighted lunges). Today felt pretty good!

Tuesday 1/15

BEAT YESTERDAY (or in this case, last week). 6 miles; 3 mile warm + 12 hill repeats on a 20% grade hill in the RAIN! Emily joined me again this week and we decided to go for a little more than we did last week.

Wednesday 1/16

Rest day! I was originally thinking about using this day to do a back and biceps workout until my alarm went off and I chose to get an extra hour of sleep instead.

Thursday 1/17

It was pouring outside with some really strong gusts of wind! I decided to take it indoors on the treadmill – 3 mile warm up + arm circuit #1 + 1 mile hard + arm circuit #2 + 1 mile hard + arm circuit #3 + leg circuit. It felt easier to be indoors but it was still a decently hard workout.

Friday 1/18

Flywheel for a third week in a row! Who am I?! Not going to lie, this week was hard. My legs felt dead and I felt like I was on the verge of coming down with a cold. But I managed to come in first place and beat the leaderboard!

Saturday 1/19

13.1 miles at 8:29 /mile – WOW, what happened?! Christine happened (lol). Truthfully, I was nervous about running with Christine and Emily because I didn’t want to slow them down but we ended up with a pretty fun run! Finished with my leg circuit.. killer.

Sunday 1/20

Convinced Cade to do a mile shakeout with me.. aka 2 miles but I just pretended that it was one. Legs felt super heavy but I was glad to get outside.

The Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming and it’s time to start thinking about what to get that special runner in your life. Here are 10 unique gifts for runners that will hopefully make holiday shopping a little less stressful this year!

img_15811. RaceHerBox

Can’t decide on a present to buy? RaceHer Box is a subscription box catered to women runners and their newest holiday box is the perfect gift for a runner this season. The price is $34.99 plus $6 shipping – use code RUNHAPPY10 for 10% off!

milesandpace_tank2. Miles & Pace Tank

This ‘Miles & Pace // Run Because I Can Muscle Tank’ is one of my favorite tanks. The design is awesome and the fabric is super comfortable. Tank top prices range from $19.99 to $24.99. Plus, use code KELLI20 for 20% off!

img_67573. Momentum Jewelry

Everyone needs some extra motivation when it comes to working out. Momentum Jewelry is workout-friendly motivational athletic jewelry and I am a huge fan! Prices can range from $9.99 to $26.99.

4. Run Ink

How awesome is that design that Run Ink sent me after finishing The SF Marathon?! These make awesome gifts and you can even make custom maps. I can’t wait to order more! Prices start at $13.

SIDE_0016_Flamingo-Side-View5. Goodr Sunglasses

Now these sunglasses are the real deal for any runner – I have 3 pairs in different colors! The colors are fun and they definitely stay on your face. Priced at $25.

IMG_00886. Race Registration – Run The Bay Series

My fiancé loves to use this gift and I’m not complaining! I recommend the Represent Running Run The Bay Series – you can run in person or remote. The first race of the series, San Jose 408k is coming up on March 4, 2018 and you can use discount code RepresentKH for 15% off!


mparadiseblue_1024x10247. Pro Compression Socks

Every runner could use a new pair of compression socks, especially a special edition holiday sock. Pro tip: keep an eye out for the release as they sell out quickly. Plus you can use discount code PRO17 for 40% off!

milesandpace_hat8. Miles & Pace Trucker Hat

These hats come in a variety of colors and designs so there is a hat perfect for every runner. Prices range from $19.99 to $24.99. Plus, use code KELLI20 for 20% off!

addaday9. +addady Massage Roller

Give a toy this year! This massage roller was a lifesaver when it came to rest and recovery days. Prices range from $42 to $47 depending on the model.

oofos10. OOFOS Sandal

These sandals may look a little chunky but runners rejoice as these are known to reduce stress on sore feet, knees and lower back. In addition, $10 from every Project Pink Collection shoe purchased will go to breast cancer research! Priced at $59.95.

Pre-Race Countdown

With a little over 72 hours to go until the Berkeley Half Marathon this weekend, it is almost countdown time! These are some of my favorite tips to follow but more importantly, always follow the golden rule: do not try anything new on race day.

Thursday – 72 hours to go!

  • Go for a run but don’t push it too hard by trying to cram in last minute runs.
  • Check the forecast for Sunday, read through the race guide and start to finalize your race day plans.

Friday – 48 hours to go!

  • Choose to take the extra rest if you need it or try for a short, easy effort run.
  • Start adding in small amounts of extra carbs to your meals. For me personally, I also start adding more salt to my meals.
  • Might want to check the forecast for Sunday again, especially if there is a chance for rain. I’m crossing my fingers that Sunday will be dry!
  • Rest up for a good night’s sleep – the nights leading up to the race are crucial!

Saturday – 24 hours to go!

  • Sometimes I prefer the extra rest day and sometimes I prefer a shakeout run the day before a race – up to you!
  • Go for a higher-carb diet today but be careful not to overdo it. The last thing you want is to show up to the start line feeling sluggish and full.
    • Pro tip: Choose foods that have worked in the past, remember nothing new!
  • Avoid spending unnecessary time on your feet, meaning try to avoid spending too much time at the expo.
  • Pack your bag and lay out your outfit, plus any additional items that you need on race day. This will help to cut down the stress and nerves that you might be feeling the next morning.

Sunday – RACE DAY!

  • Eat something small unless you normally run without eating anything – it is not the time to try something new.
  • Arrive early to find parking, chill out and even make a trip to the bathroom before the lines form.
  • Warm up with some jogging and dynamic stretches.
  • Have fun!!!

Also, make sure you check in next week for our Runner Holiday Guide!! (Discounts will be included!)

Review: RaceHer Box

I recently had the opportunity to try out and review the October box from RaceHer Box – the subscription box company catered to women runners. Check out my review below for 10% off your first box!


The Review

I love getting stuff in the mail, especially when it is a surprise. That is what you get with subscription boxes. For $35 plus $6 shipping every other month, you can receive a pretty pink box filled with 4-7 goodies that include run gear, snacks and pampering items.

The October box included a tank from The Gym Swag Shop, Lock Laces, Hammer Nutrition gels, a pumpkin spiced pie CLIF BAR, tea and a bath scrub. I had never tried any of the brands or items in the box so it was a great way to try out some new gear and new snacks! I’ve tried some running subscription boxes in the past but I really enjoyed and appreciated that this one was catered to women runners.

Plus with the holidays coming up, everyone will soon be thinking about holiday gifts. This subscription box is a great gift idea for any female runners in your life, or maybe even a treat for yourself! I should mention that they have a Deluxe Holiday Box coming soon so make sure you check out the website for the latest details and use code RUNHAPPY10 for 10% off any box!

Why Should Runners Practice Yoga?

If you’re like me, most days include the essential activities such as going on my run, eating and going to work. Or as I like to say, “eat, sleep, run, repeat“. So why add another activity into your training program and how do you even find time for it?

Why Add Yoga?

Ok, so you already love to run. Why add in a new yoga practice? To be honest, I was not a fan after my first class. It was slow and I did not get the sense of accomplishment that I get from finishing a run. A friend recommended that I test out other types of yoga classes until I found a good fit and I am glad I did! As an avid runner, these are my favorite benefits of yoga:

  • Mindfulness – As you learn how to bring awareness and focus to your practice, you also bring awareness and focus to the other aspects of your life.
  • Strength, Balance & Core – Yoga teaches you how to use different muscles to balance your body in various poses. You might not even know you had some of these muscles!
  • Flexibility & Stretching – As a runner, you probably have tight hips or hamstrings… not to mention that IT band. Adding yoga to your current training program can definitely help, there is hope!

How to Add Yoga to Your Current Training Program?

Before I moved, I made a habit of going to vinyasa and/or hot yoga classes on weeknights after work or on weekends after my long run. This allowed for my yoga practice to best complement my running. Here are a couple things to remember when starting out:

  • Start out slow – This is important when starting any new activity but especially when practicing yoga. No matter how fit you are, yoga is a humbling practice and it takes time. Start by adding one class in addition to your running days and then you can begin to add more.
  • Every day is different – Similar to running, know and respect your body to stay injury-free. When I began my yoga practice, I found it is easy to get caught up in the mental and physical challenge. I immediately ended up overdoing it and was forced to take time off from both running and yoga.


If you’re considering adding yoga to your running routine, I would also recommend checking out this article from Runner’s World, 6 Reasons Your Yoga Instructor Needs to Know You’re a Runner.

What Do Sick Days Mean For Runners

dogSick days mean the worst days EVER. Most of us runners have been there. You’re sick but you could definitely push through your run. If you could do it, then why shouldn’t you? I struggle with this every time I get sick, like today for example. Part of this is because I grew up playing sports and you’re coached to play through whatever you can (sickness, injury, etc.).

Non-running friends scold me because the simple and easy answer is that if  you’re sick, don’t run. I may be a little stubborn.

In my non-medical opinion, I think that it is best to know your own body. Every runner is different, every day is different and every sickness is different. Exercise can definitely give you an energy boost given that you feel up to going for a run and don’t have severe symptoms. If you do decide to go that route, it is crucial to take it easy and avoid pushing yourself too hard.

That being said, exercising through sickness and pushing yourself too hard also risks making matters worse. Running with a simple cold could turn into a sinus infection (among other things), thus adding more days keeping you from running!

As a good rule of thumb, Runner’s World says, “when in doubt, sit it out“.



Saturday Long Run

I wouldn’t normally consider 7 miles my weekly long run but after resting my foot for over a month, this run was definitely a humbling experience. My foot has felt significantly better in the past couple of weeks so I decided to try a 10 mile run this morning to see if I could go through with my plan of running the Tarheel 10 miler next weekend.

Unfortunately, I will definitely be dropping to the 4 miler after evaluating my run today. My foot hurts (plantar fasciitis). The hills were killer. My legs were tired. It was difficult. I honestly haven’t felt like this in a LONG time so it made me realize that it will be awhile before I get to the shape I was before this injury.

I’ve always been coached to push and challenge myself so it goes against my nature to be dropping to a lower mileage for next week’s race. In the past couple years, I’ve learned to listen to my body in order to take better care of it. So even though today’s run was not anywhere close to my expectation, I am so grateful that I was able to push through 7 miles!