Brooks Glycerin 13

Yay! Breaking into my second pair of my Brooks Glycerin 13.

To be honest, it wasn’t love at first run.. I went through three pairs of the Glycerin 12 and LOVED that model. I wasn’t thrilled when I slipped my foot into my first pair of the 13’s and realized that the entire feel was different. It was heavier and cushier (which was apparently exactly what I needed). Regardless I trained and ran my first marathon with the Glycerin 13 and I love it! I’m now onto my second pair along with a new pair of the Glycerin 14.

Saturday Long Run

I wouldn’t normally consider 7 miles my weekly long run but after resting my foot for over a month, this run was definitely a humbling experience. My foot has felt significantly better in the past couple of weeks so I decided to try a 10 mile run this morning to see if I could go through with my plan of running the Tarheel 10 miler next weekend.

Unfortunately, I will definitely be dropping to the 4 miler after evaluating my run today. My foot hurts (plantar fasciitis). The hills were killer. My legs were tired. It was difficult. I honestly haven’t felt like this in a LONG time so it made me realize that it will be awhile before I get to the shape I was before this injury.

I’ve always been coached to push and challenge myself so it goes against my nature to be dropping to a lower mileage for next week’s race. In the past couple years, I’ve learned to listen to my body in order to take better care of it. So even though today’s run was not anywhere close to my expectation, I am so grateful that I was able to push through 7 miles!