BSIM Training Week 4

This week was a tough one. With traveling, severe weather conditions and my health on the verge of sickness, I needed to make myself take a break.

Monday – Traveling back to North Carolina from California.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 6 miles

Friday – 4 miles

Saturday – 1.5 miles in the snow.. still bummed that I couldn’t get my long run in.

Sunday – all ice outside, XT indoor.

Not my favorite week but next week can only be stronger!

Snow Running

Another snow day! To run or to take that extra rest day? 

I never had to train in the snow until I moved to North Carolina. Even then, we usually get more ice than snow in North Carolina. Ice means a definite rest day for me since it also limits me from driving to the gym and working out inside. A rest day is also better than slipping and getting injured. On the other hand, we finally had some fresh snow with very little ice this weekend so I decided to give it a try and it was a surprisingly do-able run!

These are my 3 main takeaways from my run in the snow:

  • Take it slow.
  • Run in short strides with your feet closer to the ground.
  • Focus on the ground in front of you – be aware of icy areas, cracks in the snow, holes, etc.

Gear Review: Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless

beatsProduct: Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless
Price: $90-$150*
Review: Image result for 5 stars
Find it here: Best Buy, Target, Amazon, etc.

It was the week before Thanksgiving/Black Friday when my earphones broke while I was running! It was devastating because I run with music 80-90% of the time. Luckily, I knew that I only had to wait about a week for these fancy wireless earphones to go on sale for Black Friday! They went on sale EVERYWHERE so I was really lucky. Beats also released the Powerbeats3  so you can either find these on sale still or try out the newer version.

Everyone had been trying to convince me to go wireless recently. I was not sold on the wireless feature at first because I always stuck with my same basic pair of inexpensive earphones and I didn’t think that I needed anything fancy. Needless to say, these have changed my opinion completely! Below are some of my favorite highlights in my opinion.

  • Easy to use – I don’t like learning new technology but these were surprisingly simple and easy to learn and use!
  • Comfortable – It took a few days to get used to but the fit is good overall and it is very secure.
  • The sound is good but not overbearing – this is important so I can still be aware when I’m running on the roads.
  • Bluetooth connection – I have heard that some people run into issues with their connection cutting out but it has been pretty good for me.
  • Customer service – Beats uses Apple customer service and my experience was seamless! I thought that I had lost my charging cord (which would have been extremely unfortunate) and the representative quickly gave me all the information I needed to know through an easy online chat window.

I am not sure if I would have committed to buying these if they were not on sale, but they were worth the sale price for me!

What are some of your favorite earphones to run with?

BSIM Training Week 2

Happy Holidays!!! Christmas is finally here and 2017 is coming!

So I went a little overboard this week because I’m back in California and back on the trails and treadmills that I love. Yes, there is one treadmill in the world that I do love to run on! Anyway, my ITBS is acting up after my long run today so hopefully I didn’t push it too hard.

Monday – 3 miles, easy

Tuesday – 6 miles, surprisingly easy

Wednesday – rest day to travel

Thursday – 6 miles at a 8:50 /mile pace! It was on my fav treadmill so I’m not surprised that it felt easy.

Friday – 6 miles at a 8:40 /mile pace! And this is really where I might have over done it.. oops!

Saturday – 10 miles long run at Vasona Park. If you’re in the Bay Area and you haven’t gone on the Los Gatos Creek Trail then I highly recommend it!!

Sunday – definitely calling it a rest day tomorrow.. my Christmas present to myself.

Happy running and happy holidays!

Gear Review: Fitletic Hydration Belt

Product: HYDRA 16 oz Hydration Belt
Price: $45.95
Review: Image result for five stars
Find it here:


Let me start by saying that I was not a fan of running belts until I found this one. I tried almost all of the others that you can find in the running stores but nothing worked for me other than my Nathan hydration vest (which I love equally but use for my runs over 15 miles). I use this belt for my mid-distance runs since it holds 16 ounces.

This has become one of my favorite running accessories because it is super comfortable on my runs and easy to travel with.

A few additional call-outs:

  • Pouch is large enough to fit smart phones – I have a iPhone 6s and I have room to fit more than my phone in the pouch.
  • Silicone grippers keep the belt snug on your hips – no bouncing or riding up!
  • The belt holds two 8 oz bottles – very secure!!
  • There are two loops to hold gels and bib toggles for race day.