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Long Hill Repeats: What the HILL?!

Hill training is a runner’s best ally and worst foe. It is difficult and easy to neglect but it is also crucial when it comes to building strength in your legs. The resistance that comes with running uphill pushes you to work harder than you would running on flat surfaces. To put it simply, hill training will help you to become a better runner.

Today, we will focus on long hill repeats. Long hill repeats help to improve endurance over a moderately hard effort. For this workout, the hill will ideally be about a quarter to a half mile long and not overly steep.


  • Warm-up 10-20 minutes of running (easy effort)
  • 4-6 repeats uphill at a moderately hard effort (5k race effort), with an easy jog back down after each repeat
  • Cool down 10 minutes of running (easy effort)


  • Avoid starting out too fast.
  • Use short strides for efficiency.
  • Remember to look up at the hill, and not down at your feet.

BSIM Training Week 10

Welp, this blog post is long overdue. I was avoiding this recap of last week because I was mostly sidelined with a couple aches and pains. Although it was a rough week, it wouldn’t be marathon training without any injuries, right?

Growing up playing basketball and many other sports, I have run into injury after injury. We were always coached to play through the pain or to suck it up. After years of running, I realized that sucking it up is not the best option at all when it comes to healing injuries (yikes!).

I went for my usual run on Monday, the focus was on hills. While on my run, I felt this discomfort on the top of my foot and my heart dropped a little. Pain meant rest, rest meant no running, and no running meant end of life as I knew it. (That was SO dramatic!)

Part of running is understanding your body and trusting the process. It is so mentally challenging to have to step out of your routine and make yourself rest. Looking back on the past week, I am so proud of myself trusting the process. I may have gained a few pounds from eating the office Valentine’s Day cupcakes without my running to burn it off but I know that my body will thank me in the long term. My foot is not 100% but it is doing much better and I am making sure to take things slow with a lot of stretching and icing.

Lastly, I am trying Active Release Technique treatment on Friday so I am super excited for that. Be sure to look out for my future post on it!


Well welcome to my page.. my first blog! – my name is Kelli and this is my blog about health and fitness! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with running for the past couple years because of all of the injuries that it has given me. My doctors and physical therapists even joke that I have the body of a 60 year old! Anyway, this love/hate relationship with running also lead to a love/hate relationship with my health and weight since I would gain weight whenever I had to take a break from running.

Funny story… that’s my current position once again! Third time having plantar fasciitis.. and yes, I have a regular podiatrist and custom orthodics already… hopeless cause. Yet unlike all of the other instances where I’ve entered this cycle, I’ve decided to try something new. I decided that I’m not just going to give up until I can run again.. Instead, I wanted to challenge myself with giving up processed foods! And no, that doesn’t just mean anything in a package.. but I’ll leave the rest of my blog to explain. 🙂

Happy running (to those happy & healthy runners) and happy eating!

P.S. This is me after my first marathon! Feel free to follow my instagram: _kellinickole