2018 Recap // 2019 Goals

This past year wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as last year but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I achieved all of my goals! (Well except my injury goal but I overcame all of my injuries so that counts.)

  • Run a 3:50 marathon. 3:48:37 BOOM
  • Run a 1:50 half marathon. 1:48:15

The past year showed me that I’m capable of pushing myself so much more – better nutrition, faster paces and longer miles. Not going to lie, my 2019 goal scares me.. like really scares me but I’m excited for what 2019 will bring!


  • Attempt a BQ time of 3:30.

2019 Races

  • San Jose 408k – February 3rd
  • San Jose Shamrock Run 5k – March 17th
  • Silicon Valley Half Marathon – April 28th
  • Mountains 2 Beach Marathon – May 26th
  • Across the Bay 415k – TBD
  • The SF Marathon (probably half) – July 28th
  • East Bay 510k – TBD
  • Chicago Marathon – October 13th

*use discount code REPRESENTKH to save on the San Jose 408k, San Jose Shamrock Run, Silicon Valley Half Marathon, Across the Bay 415k and East Bay 510k, remote options available.

New Look, Same Blog!

You might’ve noticed a few changes lately; some small and some big. But don’t worry, despite all of these changes, the blog is still the same! I have some big goals on the table in the new year and refreshing my blog is just the start.


  • New Layout – I was getting tired of the old one and wanted to clean up the look. Hope you love it!
  • New Color – Leaving pink for Wednesdays.. haha hope you enjoyed that Mean Girls reference. But really, I love pink but decided to change it up.
  • Last but certainly not least, NEW NAME! New but also kind of old. I am officially moved from the Run Happy, Eat Happy name to consolidate with my social media profiles. Everything will now direct to www.kellinickole.com – ta da!

Represent Running x Decathlon USA 2019

For starters, I am excited to announce that I’ll be back on the Represent Running ambassador team for year #3 in 2019. But I am even more stoked to announce that we will be partnering with Decathlon USA, making it the 2019 Decathlon Represent Running Team.


Ok cool, so what does this mean for you?

Decathlon will be the official race partner for all of the races in the Represent Running Race Series – woohoo, that is five races!!!

  • Social running events hosted at the Decathlon store in San Francisco
  • Decathlon will be making the tech shirts for all 5 races!
  • FREE backpacks for all finishers – just bring in your bib to the store and get a free backpack
  • Post-race Decathlon festivities

Ready to register for some races?

Register with code RepresentKH and save 10% on these fun races at http://www.representrunning.com

  • San Jose 408K – February 3rd
  • San Jose Shamrock Run – March 17th
  • Silicon Valley Half – April 28th
  • Across the Bay 12k & 415K – July 14th
  • East Bay 510k – October TBD


Find out more about the new partnership at https://www.decathlon.com/blogs/inside-decathlon/represent-running

How I Ran 24.7 Miles on a Treadmill

24.7 miles in 3:46:58 on a treadmill?! I’ve heard of people running their 18 or 20 mile training runs on the treadmill to avoid running outside in 0 degree weather. I always thought those people were crazy! I never thought I would have to experience a long run on a treadmill while living in California. But unfortunately, our state has recently been hit by devastating fires and the air quality is too unhealthy to be running outside.

Here is how my not-so-average morning went.

I woke up at 4:45 AM to get ready for my run, as I normally would have. I mentally set out for somewhere between 22 and 24 miles and started to gather all of my gear together. The good thing about treadmill running is that I didn’t have to carry anything. I packed a bottle filled with water and a bottle filled with nuun. I also brought along some salt tablets and Gu gels. Then, I was quickly on my way to hop on the treadmill.

I decided to start off slow.. after all, I was going to be running on the thing for a few hours. This helped me physically, in order to warm up, and mentally, so that I could find my rhythm. I decided that 24 miles didn’t seem so bad if I cut the run into 6 mile segments in my head. Little did I know that the treadmill would shut down and and restart every 60 minutes anyway. Since I was forced to take short breaks in between, I used that time to refuel and use the bathroom – it kind of worked out perfectly.

Miles 1 to 7 were effortless. Miles 8 to 14 weren’t that bad either. Miles 15 to 21 is where it definitely got tough – I even had a hard time focusing on Grey’s Anatomy. At 21, I wanted to stop and be done but I thought hey, maybe I can even make it to 26.2! The last few miles were hard and at 24.7, I decided that I wasn’t going to make another step.

Even though I kind of gave up at the end, I hopped off the treadmill with a huge smile on my face. This felt more accomplishing than any marathon that I have run. I was literally on the treadmill for almost four hours!

While I would not necessarily recommend doing all of your long runs on a treadmill, maybe there is some value to changing it up every now and then.

Join Momentum Jewelry and #beYOUtiful

It’s your time to shine. You are amazing. You are capable. And you are #beYOUtiful.

Momentum Jewelry’s #beYOUtiful campaign is inspiring people all over the world to change the conversations in our heads. To put an end to the negative voices and to be kinder to ourselves. The campaign page asks, why is it so easy to compliment others, yet so difficult to say the same things about ourselves? When I first read that question, I quickly realized how real it was for me.

I am my own worst critic, especially when it comes to running. And I had no idea how much I was holding myself back.

Going into last weekend, Momentum Jewelry sent me a ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’ wrap as we geared up to launch this #beYOUtiful campaign. And of course, I had to wear it right away for my half marathon that weekend. At the start of the race, I hoped for a PR but I strongly doubted my ability to achieve one. During the race, I often found myself wanting to give up but as I looked down at my wrist, I was reminded to believe in myself. It sounds a little corny but it was just the extra confidence boost that I needed. Despite all of my doubts, I managed to come away with a 6 minute PR.

Following the half marathon, I chose the “I am FEARLESS” sign for the launch of the campaign. I had learned to change the negative words in my head to result in a stronger race. Then flash forward a week to this past weekend. I ran a 5k confidently and I surprised myself with a huge new PR, beating the old PR that I set back in high school (I never thought that I would ever be able to beat it). Going into the race, I knew that I would be running with some of my fastest friends. But instead of thinking about how fast they are and holding myself back, I focused on me. I focused on my ability to finish strong regardless of what place I came in. I finished in 6th place for gender, last among my speedy friends but I am perfectly happy with the outcome.

Now, it’s your turn. You turn to unleash your potential. Practice self-love and work towards the best version of yourself.

Find out how to join in on the fun at MomentumJewelry.com.

Biked To Work For A Month In San Francisco: Here’s What I Learned

There are a few things in my life that I admit to being terrified of – spiders, heights and riding a bicycle. Though spiders and heights have always been fears of mine, I actually used to love riding a bicycle as a kid. I was that kid who was constantly falling off her bike because I was so determined to learn by myself and I loved it. Yet as I got older, the idea of biking became more and more terrifying to me. Maybe it was because there would always be a cycling accident reported in the local news. Or just the simple fact that cyclists have to share the road with cars. Whatever weird reason it was that made me terrified of riding a bike, the idea just never seemed appealing to me, especially in San Francisco.

Then I visited Copenhagen and Malmö – where bicycle culture flourishes. Riding a bicycle to explore two unfamiliar countries was exhilarating and it gave me the confidence that I needed to even consider biking in San Francisco. So long story short, I started researching my options once I returned from vacation. I knew that I didn’t want to risk having my own bicycle stolen (which seems to happen more often than not in the city) so I had two options; JUMP Bikes (electric) and Ford GoBike (regular and electric). Most people that I talked to recommended JUMP over Ford GoBike based on the ease of ride but I chose Ford GoBike based on the convenience of the stations and bike availability.

So as a non-experienced cyclist, here is what I learned after my first month of riding a bike to and from work in San Francisco.

Plan and test out different routes.

Some roads are much better for cyclists than others in San Francisco – check out the San Francisco Bike Network Map from SFMTA. I have my route planned so that I mostly go straight without having to make many turns. Part of the route is not as well paved but I’d rather have a slightly bumpy ride than have to cut across traffic on a busy road.

A whole new world.

From someone who loves to workout every day, I loved adding another activity to my day. Despite it still being slightly terrifying, I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get once I’m done with my bike ride to and from work.

Drake said it best, no new friends.

If you are expecting some sort of cyclist comradery in the city, prepare to be disappointed. If another cyclist ever acknowledges me, it is usually because I try to stay out of the way so that they can go faster and still be in the bike lane. I still try to smile at all of the other cyclists, wave at polite drivers, etc., maybe one day I’ll get a smile or wave back!

No one follows the laws.

But you still need to. I saw a cyclist get a warning from a police officer last week and it brought me a slight sense of gratification (hehe sorry).

Why people, why?!

Depending on the day, sometimes I feel like cyclists are mean, drivers are meaner and pedestrians are the worst. Other days, I get through my happy ride without a problem. From aggressive city drivers to oblivious pedestrians on their cell phones, navigating San Francisco roads presents a new adventure every time I ride. In the past month, I have been almost hit by a car once (she didn’t look before merging into oncoming traffic), honked at for stopping at a stop sign (I thought drivers get mad when cyclists DON’T follow the laws, guess you just can’t win here..) and cut off in the middle of the road by pedestrians who aren’t paying attention (good thing I was). But honestly, my first month of biking in San Francisco could have been a lot worse so I’ll take it.

eBikes are actually pretty awesome.

Although I was not initially sold on riding electric bikes, I finally tried one the other day. My initial feelings were mixed. The power of the bike was a little scary and I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t feel like I was getting a workout. Yet weirdly enough, I can’t wait until I have another opportunity to try one.

In conclusion, I’m one month in and still loving my new commute to work. While it does present some challenges, it is completely do-able provided that you stay alert and ride defensively.

Best Running Routes in Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are looking for some good running routes to explore Copenhagen, then look no further! These routes are very safe but keep an eye out for bicyclists.

Nyhavn-Amalienborg-Little Mermaid

As you can tell from all of the pictures below, this route was one of my favorites because it shows you several landmarks throughout the city – Amalienborg, Nyhavn, Kastellet, the Little Mermaid, Frederik’s Church and more! I started at the Copenhagen Island Hotel and ran about six miles but this run can be easily adjusted based on where you are staying.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Lakes – The Søerne

If you’re near the Copenhagen Lakes, follow the path around the three lakes and see why this is one of the most popular routes in the city. This will be about 4 miles!


Amager Faelled

Here’s a route for when you want to get out of the city. I received this recommendation from a fellow runner on Instagram and loved it! I ran about 4 miles but there are a ton of trails so you can make this run longer. Pro tip: don’t stop too many times to take pictures because you will get bitten by bugs (oops!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you’re able to check out these routes during your time in Copenhagen, good luck! Stay tuned for some great running routes in Sweden.

Flying Pig Marathon Mental Race Prep

It is race week and I am starting to feel pre-race nerves sneak up on me. I will be running my fourth marathon on Sunday in Cincinnati at The Flying Pig and there is a lot going through my mind.


Throughout my training process, I decided to go in with little to no expectations. I was sidelined with an injury for the first three months of the year and found myself nowhere close to where I wanted to be in my training. And despite all of that, I now find myself ready to run. As the saying goes, “the comeback is always stronger than the setback”.


For starters, did we all watch Desiree Linden win the Boston Marathon?! If you didn’t, please catch up from Runner’s World and get ready to be inspired from her displays of sportsmanship to courage and pure grit. The Boston Marathon this past year was a tough one and I was so inspired by every runner and volunteer out there on the course. My course on Sunday will be hilly but I am ready to embrace and overcome the challenge presented to me.


I received a very comforting reminder this morning from my friend, Randy. I’m doing this with people who bring out the best in me. Our group of five will be running together as Randy chases his goal of a sub 4 hour marathon and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Wanderlust 108 San Francisco Recap

Last month, I was able to attend Wanderlust Oahu while visiting family in Hawaii. This month, Wanderlust came to my city so I definitely had to go! The San Francisco event was a Wanderlust 108 meaning that it is a half day event featuring a running session, a yoga session and a mediation session.

“1 = Unity  0 = Wholeness  8 = Infinite Love” – Wanderlust


The run was a 5k (3.1 miles) on narrow dirt paths through Golden Gate Park. I would definitely note that the run was more of a fun run than a race.


After finishing the run portion, participants had a lot of time to wander around the various vendors before settling down for some yoga.


If you’re like me, I hate sitting still. It’s funny, I always dread meditation but always end up loving it (especially when you just get to lie down in the sun).









Overall, I can’t say that the 108 event was my favorite but it is perfect for someone that wants a small sample of experiencing a Wanderlust event!

Interested in giving Wanderlust a try? Take a look at the Wanderlust Events List to find an adventure closer to you!