Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 5

Tired. Have you ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything? I had a whole week of them. I ended up taking most of the week off which may not have helped me physically but it will definitely help me mentally. So TL;DR there isn’t a whole lot going on in this week’s recap.

Monday 1/28

4 slow miles on the treadmill. No, it wasn’t rainy.. or dark.. or windy. I just didn’t feel like getting out there but at least I got a few miles in followed by my leg circuit.

Tuesday 1/29

SORE. I have no idea what hit me.. my workout on Monday was mediocre at best.

Wednesday 1/30

Tired and still sore? I really didn’t think I pushed it hard enough to be this sore but I was fine with taking another day of rest.

Thursday 1/31

What’s the point now? This was honestly just laziness.

Friday 2/1

Continuing the laziness trend at this point.

Saturday 2/2

I FINALLY RAN. Lol.. I actually woke up and still wasn’t mentally ready to run.. even after four days of rest. It was rainy and windy so I wanted to stay in bed but Christine made me commit to run an easy 7 miles with her before our races on Sunday. And it felt great to be outside! It wasn’t my planned 14 miles but my ankle was hurting a bit anyway.

Sunday 2/3

Race day – San Jose 408k! I didn’t have a lot of pressure on myself for this race but I’ll save the details for my race recap.



Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 4

Vacation is on my mind this week as I head to Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding. I don’t usually run too well on vacation so I plan to lower expectations and just continue to build my base mileage.

Monday 1/21

6.9 miles at 8:43 /mile. My legs felt dead but it was a 3-day weekend so at least I didn’t have to run at 5:00am. I can tell that this is going to be a tough week on my legs but I know that I need to keep building my base back up.

Tuesday 1/22

Hill repeats AGAIN. 6 miles; 3 mile warm + 12 hill repeats on a 20% grade hill. At least it wasn’t raining this week but boy, I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to quit after every repeat but was motivated to finish all 12 so that I could finish at an even 6 miles.

Wednesday 1/23

Rest day! Knowing that I will be traveling tomorrow, I planned to do a short run today. Oh well, hopefully the extra day of rest will keep injuries away.

Thursday 1/24

Thought I was going to have to take a second rest day in a row but Cade surprised me and wanted to go for a run in Waimea! 3 slow miles in the country – amazing.

Friday 1/25

Sad to break my weekly Flywheel streak but happy to be running in paradise. 5 slow miles today – 2 by myself and Cade joined me for another 3!

Saturday 1/26

Here’s where I knew that it would get tough. My plan called for 14 miles but I decided to go out and get done whatever I could. I ended up with 11 miles, slow but happy to have been able to get it done.

Sunday 1/27

I was dying to get one last run done in Hawaii but my ankle was a little sore so I took a rest day before my flight back to San Francisco.


Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 3

Monday 1/14

An “easy” run – 6.1 miles at 8:50 /mile – with my last mile at goal marathon pace. Then I ended with my leg circuit (2×10 weighted front squats, 2×10 single leg deadlifts and 2×10 weighted lunges). Today felt pretty good!

Tuesday 1/15

BEAT YESTERDAY (or in this case, last week). 6 miles; 3 mile warm + 12 hill repeats on a 20% grade hill in the RAIN! Emily joined me again this week and we decided to go for a little more than we did last week.

Wednesday 1/16

Rest day! I was originally thinking about using this day to do a back and biceps workout until my alarm went off and I chose to get an extra hour of sleep instead.

Thursday 1/17

It was pouring outside with some really strong gusts of wind! I decided to take it indoors on the treadmill – 3 mile warm up + arm circuit #1 + 1 mile hard + arm circuit #2 + 1 mile hard + arm circuit #3 + leg circuit. It felt easier to be indoors but it was still a decently hard workout.

Friday 1/18

Flywheel for a third week in a row! Who am I?! Not going to lie, this week was hard. My legs felt dead and I felt like I was on the verge of coming down with a cold. But I managed to come in first place and beat the leaderboard!

Saturday 1/19

13.1 miles at 8:29 /mile – WOW, what happened?! Christine happened (lol). Truthfully, I was nervous about running with Christine and Emily because I didn’t want to slow them down but we ended up with a pretty fun run! Finished with my leg circuit.. killer.

Sunday 1/20

Convinced Cade to do a mile shakeout with me.. aka 2 miles but I just pretended that it was one. Legs felt super heavy but I was glad to get outside.

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 2

My second week of training is in the books and it felt SO good!

So first things first, what’s the deal with my leg circuits after my runs?

After being sidelined by a few injuries last year, I decided to make a conscious effort to add strength training to my marathon training routine. Part of that effort means that I need to stay accountable and the easiest way to do that is to do it right after my run. I am currently working with my physical therapist on my current circuit and can feel myself getting stronger already. I’m excited to see what comes next!

Monday 1/7

A short, “easy” run but can anyone say negative splits?! 4.1 miles, 8:40 /mile followed by my leg circuit (2×10 weighted front squats, 2×10 single leg deadlifts and 2×10 weighted lunges). Not anything spectacular but I’m starting to feel in my groove again.

Tuesday 1/8

What the HILL! Decided to do my first hill workout of the year, though it has really been awhile. My friend, Emily, joined in for the 5:30am fun. We warmed up for 2 miles and completed 10 repeats on a 20% grade hill, totaling 4.5 miles. And wow, I’m beat.

Wednesday 1/9

Rest day – after seven consecutive days “on”, I knew that I needed a real rest day. Not an active recovery or cross training day, but a rest day of doing nothing. I was expecting to wake up tired and feeling sore from the hill workout but instead, I woke up at 4:45am ready to go. As I laid in bed, I thought about going to the gym for a short biceps/back circuit but I opted for an extra hour and a half of sleep instead.

Thursday 1/10

THANK YOU AGAIN, EMILY! 6 miles easy today at 8:50 /mile. After the hills on Tuesday, Emily joined me at 5:30am again for some easy miles. Both of us were pretty beat so we definitely struggled a bit towards the end but appreciated the company!

Friday 1/11

Flywheel class. Again? Is this turning into a weekly routine?! My legs are exhausted.. but what a great cross-training workout. I dialed up the effort and finished with a higher number than last week – WOOHOO!

Saturday 1/12

11 miles at 8:50 /mile – BOOM! This felt AMAZING. There were a couple moments of struggle but I powered through and put the miles in. First double digit run of the year!

Sunday 1/13

My plan was to do an easy shakeout run but I took an extra rest day instead. Ready to start week 3 strong!


ClassPass – Get Your First Month For Free!

For the TL;DR – get your free first month here.

Ok, I am a runner first. But every now and then, I like to shake things up and try out a new workout class. Maybe spin, pilates, yoga, or boxing?!

I may have started my marathon training cycle for Mountains 2 Beach but I have also started back up with ClassPass. And I am LOVING it! It allows me to add some variety to my training schedule for my “off” days. Thanks to ClassPass, I have found my favorite studios for cycling, pilates and hot yoga. I also love to try out new places or use ClassPass when I travel because they have locations all over the world!

By signing up through this link, you’ll get 45 credits which basically amounts to your first month free. Classes range in credit amounts but you should be able to fit in 5-8 classes – you also have the option to purchase additional credits should you need more.

Hope you try it out in your local area and have a blast. After all, it’s free to give it a try!

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 1

Well, here we go! I took a break last month from running and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things to start training for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in May.

Monday 12/31

My final run of 2018! 5.1 miles at 8:22 /mile. My pace might have been fast but it was anything but easy. After returning from Hawaii, where I did minimal running and a lot of eating, it was tough to get started. The weather was colder that I would’ve liked but I wanted to run one more time on the Los Gatos Creek Trail before heading up to San Francisco.

Tuesday 1/1

Happy New Year! In Japanese culture, we celebrate the new year on 1/1 with a lot of really good food.. and it continues throughout the day. So I took a rest day – truth is, I needed it after my 5 mile run and I am also trying to build my base slowly to avoid any injuries this year.

Wednesday 1/2

4.1 miles easy effort, 8:53 /mile. First day back to my early morning workouts – this was brutal. I slept through my 5:00am alarm, my 5:10am alarm and my 5:15am alarm. It is actually amazing that I was somehow able to start my run by 5:36am. The run went “ok” and I finished with my leg circuit (2×10 weighted front squats, 2×10 weighted single leg deadlifts and 2×10 weighted lunges).

Thursday 1/3

3.8 miles easy effort, 9:07 /mile. Yesterday was hard but today was even harder. I was decently sore from yesterday’s workout so I took it easy and managed to get through this run to put the miles in.

Friday 1/4

This was supposed to be a rest day but I signed up for a Flywheel class instead – hey, at least it was still a day off from running. I really liked incorporating this in my schedule and will hopefully continue to do something like this in the future!

Saturday 1/5

Shockingly not sore from Flywheel today. I woke up and was dreading the idea of running outside with the rain and wind advisory. Despite my efforts, I just couldn’t motivate myself to run outside.. so I took my miles to the treadmill. It started well… until 3.5 miles in when I decided that I absolutely needed to stop for a break. From then on, I ran three mile repeats with my leg circuit in between. I didn’t make my planned 8 miles but it was a tough workout nonetheless with 6.5 miles.

Sunday 1/6

The weather today was worse than it was yesterday but I knew that I couldn’t wimp out of another run outside in the rain. It was so hard to get myself out the door but once I did, it was perfect. 3.8 miles at 8:17 /mile. I left my music and phone at home, ran through puddles, challenged myself against the wind and ultimately had a blast. This was by far, the best run that I have had in awhile.

Total Miles: 23

2018 Recap // 2019 Goals

This past year wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as last year but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I achieved all of my goals! (Well except my injury goal but I overcame all of my injuries so that counts.)

  • Run a 3:50 marathon. 3:48:37 BOOM
  • Run a 1:50 half marathon. 1:48:15

The past year showed me that I’m capable of pushing myself so much more – better nutrition, faster paces and longer miles. Not going to lie, my 2019 goal scares me.. like really scares me but I’m excited for what 2019 will bring!


  • Attempt a BQ time of 3:30.

2019 Races

  • San Jose 408k – February 3rd
  • San Jose Shamrock Run 5k – March 17th
  • Silicon Valley Half Marathon – April 28th
  • Mountains 2 Beach Marathon – May 26th
  • Across the Bay 415k – TBD
  • The SF Marathon (probably half) – July 28th
  • East Bay 510k – TBD
  • Chicago Marathon – October 13th

*use discount code REPRESENTKH to save on the San Jose 408k, San Jose Shamrock Run, Silicon Valley Half Marathon, Across the Bay 415k and East Bay 510k, remote options available.

New Look, Same Blog!

You might’ve noticed a few changes lately; some small and some big. But don’t worry, despite all of these changes, the blog is still the same! I have some big goals on the table in the new year and refreshing my blog is just the start.


  • New Layout – I was getting tired of the old one and wanted to clean up the look. Hope you love it!
  • New Color – Leaving pink for Wednesdays.. haha hope you enjoyed that Mean Girls reference. But really, I love pink but decided to change it up.
  • Last but certainly not least, NEW NAME! New but also kind of old. I am officially moved from the Run Happy, Eat Happy name to consolidate with my social media profiles. Everything will now direct to – ta da!

Represent Running x Decathlon USA 2019

For starters, I am excited to announce that I’ll be back on the Represent Running ambassador team for year #3 in 2019. But I am even more stoked to announce that we will be partnering with Decathlon USA, making it the 2019 Decathlon Represent Running Team.


Ok cool, so what does this mean for you?

Decathlon will be the official race partner for all of the races in the Represent Running Race Series – woohoo, that is five races!!!

  • Social running events hosted at the Decathlon store in San Francisco
  • Decathlon will be making the tech shirts for all 5 races!
  • FREE backpacks for all finishers – just bring in your bib to the store and get a free backpack
  • Post-race Decathlon festivities

Ready to register for some races?

Register with code RepresentKH and save 10% on these fun races at

  • San Jose 408K – February 3rd
  • San Jose Shamrock Run – March 17th
  • Silicon Valley Half – April 28th
  • Across the Bay 12k & 415K – July 14th
  • East Bay 510k – October TBD


Find out more about the new partnership at

How I Ran 24.7 Miles on a Treadmill

24.7 miles in 3:46:58 on a treadmill?! I’ve heard of people running their 18 or 20 mile training runs on the treadmill to avoid running outside in 0 degree weather. I always thought those people were crazy! I never thought I would have to experience a long run on a treadmill while living in California. But unfortunately, our state has recently been hit by devastating fires and the air quality is too unhealthy to be running outside.

Here is how my not-so-average morning went.

I woke up at 4:45 AM to get ready for my run, as I normally would have. I mentally set out for somewhere between 22 and 24 miles and started to gather all of my gear together. The good thing about treadmill running is that I didn’t have to carry anything. I packed a bottle filled with water and a bottle filled with nuun. I also brought along some salt tablets and Gu gels. Then, I was quickly on my way to hop on the treadmill.

I decided to start off slow.. after all, I was going to be running on the thing for a few hours. This helped me physically, in order to warm up, and mentally, so that I could find my rhythm. I decided that 24 miles didn’t seem so bad if I cut the run into 6 mile segments in my head. Little did I know that the treadmill would shut down and and restart every 60 minutes anyway. Since I was forced to take short breaks in between, I used that time to refuel and use the bathroom – it kind of worked out perfectly.

Miles 1 to 7 were effortless. Miles 8 to 14 weren’t that bad either. Miles 15 to 21 is where it definitely got tough – I even had a hard time focusing on Grey’s Anatomy. At 21, I wanted to stop and be done but I thought hey, maybe I can even make it to 26.2! The last few miles were hard and at 24.7, I decided that I wasn’t going to make another step.

Even though I kind of gave up at the end, I hopped off the treadmill with a huge smile on my face. This felt more accomplishing than any marathon that I have run. I was literally on the treadmill for almost four hours!

While I would not necessarily recommend doing all of your long runs on a treadmill, maybe there is some value to changing it up every now and then.