It’s Almost August – Where Did 2020 Go?

Races were cancelled and my blogging may have came to a halt, but I’m back and excited to share what I have been up to!

I’ve reached my highest mileage months and I’ve reached my lowest mileage months. I’ve gone through phases of practicing yoga every day to sitting in my inflatable pool every day (lol, I’m not kidding at all). But most recently, I launched Runnergrams, a place where I can share my running-inspired designs through print, digital and watercolor on a variety of mediums.

I “designed” my first shirt when I was in 5th grade for my entire elementary school (big whoop), but my first “REAL” design was for a 4 mile race during my senior year of high school. That was when I really grew my passion for running-inspired art. As I pursued a career outside of art, I lost my desire to share my designs – I thought “I’m not a professional” or “someone else can do it better than I can”. While both are true, I decided to start sharing my work because why not? Check out the links below to see what I’ve been working on and thanks for following as I re-find this hobby of mine.

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