2019 Recap // 2020 Goals

In a short summary, 2019 was a year of injuries and PRs. First I PR’d, then I got injured, then I PR’d again only to find myself injured again.. and then I PR’d one more time. All things considered, I would say 2019 ended up being a successful year.

  • New 5k PR – 20:18
  • New Half Marathon PR – 1:43:18
  • New Marathon PR – 3:41:27
  • No PR but placed 2nd in the Berkeley Half 5k!
  • Overcame two injuries
  • Switched to a vegan diet (it’s been two months)
  • Found my race nutrition strategy with Gen UCAN
  • Finally executed negative splits

Honestly, I’m not quite ready for 2020 and I’m not sure what the new year has in store for me but I’m ok with that!

2020 Races

3 responses to “2019 Recap // 2020 Goals”

    • The diet has actually been pretty great and I think I’m going to have to stick with it for now. I also started taking iron and B12 supplements along with it so I’m not sure if I feel better as a result of the diet or the supplements.

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