Review: Jaybird Vista

Disclaimer: Jaybird sent me these headphones as part of their Vista campaign, in exchange for a few posts on Instagram. This review consists of my own opinions.

Product: Jaybird Vista
Price: $179.99
Review: Image result for 5 stars
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Guys, I am LOVING the Jaybird Vista headphones. Previous to running with these, I’ve run with the Beats Powerbeats, Apple AirPods and most recently, the Jaybird RUN. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on the Jaybird RUN (mostly regarding connectivity) but I never experienced any issues. In fact, I chose the Jaybird RUN over both the Powerbeats and AirPods. In my first week of trying the Jaybird Vista, it seems that all of the features that I loved with the Jaybird RUN are the same, if not much better.


At $179.99, these headphones aren’t inexpensiv but the quality is definitely there. I’ve never experienced any issues with my pairs, whereas I had my Powerbeats die after about a year and a half, which I was told is fairly normal.

Easy to Use

I love when things are simple. I opened the case and connected the headphones to my phone via Bluetooth. Done in under a minute! Another aspect to note is the case – it is MUCH lighter and smaller than my case for the Jaybird RUN. As a result, this case is much easier for me to take on the run if I really need to.

Weather Resistance

According to Jaybird’s website, “Vista’s EarthProof capsule construction has been given the IPX7 fully-waterproof and sweatproof rating”. I don’t fully know what that means but I have never had an issue with functionality due to weather… but I also live in San Francisco so I am not running through extreme weather conditions. I can speak to sweatproof though – no issues there.


It may sound cliche but I knew that these headphones were a good fit from the moment that I tried them on. They felt AMAZINGLY comfortable. My Jaybird RUN headphones are comfortable but these took comfort to another level. They also come with two other sizes for fit if the preset option is not for you.

Battery Life

Here’s where I see the most significant improvement over the Jaybird RUN. Where the RUN offers 4 hours of run time on a full charge, the Vista gives you 6 hours on a full charge. Additionally, a quick 5 minute charge adds 1 hour! My RUN headphones occasionally died during my full marathons, even though I run under 4 hours. I’m excited to run with the Vista in the Chicago Marathon!


Because I use these headphones when I run outside, sound quality is not really as important to me. I like to hear my music but it is more important to me to stay aware of my surroundings. These took a little time to get used to because they seem to block out more outside sound than I’m used to but I was fine after a couple of miles!

I will be continuing to #powermypassion with Jaybird as I train for my upcoming races. How do you power your passion?

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