Mountains 2 Beach Training Week 11

This week brought California sunshine, fast miles and a new PR!

Monday 3/11

6.2 miles at 8:26 /mile. After a tough weekend of “bad” runs, I set low expectations and planned for an easy run today, tomorrow and the day after. My “easy” run today exactly happen but it felt good!

Tuesday 3/12

6 miles at 8:37 /mile – easy effort run and just enjoying the sunshine.

Wednesday 3/13

4.5 miles at 8:20 /mile. This was also supposed to be an easy effort run but the pace just felt good once I got going.

Thursday 3/14

8.1 miles at 8:16 /mile – KILLER!!!! I finished two laps around Lake Merced and enjoyed the sunshine outside. I’m definitely loving my new work schedule and running in the afternoon.

Friday 3/15

Rest day – I was itching to run because the weather was perfect outside but I knew that I needed to make myself take a rest day.

Saturday 3/16

Planned for 16 miles but ended up finishing 14.3 miles with SFRRC around Golden Gate Park. I wasn’t too heartbroken about settling for less since I have a race tomorrow.

Sunday 3/17

Let’s just say, I shamROCK’d it today at the San Jose Shamrock Run. Finished 3rd overall for women and set a new 5k PR at 20:18. My watch tracked the course a little short so that PR might be a little optimistic but I’ll take it.

TOTAL: 42 ish

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