Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Training Week 4

Vacation is on my mind this week as I head to Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding. I don’t usually run too well on vacation so I plan to lower expectations and just continue to build my base mileage.

Monday 1/21

6.9 miles at 8:43 /mile. My legs felt dead but it was a 3-day weekend so at least I didn’t have to run at 5:00am. I can tell that this is going to be a tough week on my legs but I know that I need to keep building my base back up.

Tuesday 1/22

Hill repeats AGAIN. 6 miles; 3 mile warm + 12 hill repeats on a 20% grade hill. At least it wasn’t raining this week but boy, I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to quit after every repeat but was motivated to finish all 12 so that I could finish at an even 6 miles.

Wednesday 1/23

Rest day! Knowing that I will be traveling tomorrow, I planned to do a short run today. Oh well, hopefully the extra day of rest will keep injuries away.

Thursday 1/24

Thought I was going to have to take a second rest day in a row but Cade surprised me and wanted to go for a run in Waimea! 3 slow miles in the country – amazing.

Friday 1/25

Sad to break my weekly Flywheel streak but happy to be running in paradise. 5 slow miles today – 2 by myself and Cade joined me for another 3!

Saturday 1/26

Here’s where I knew that it would get tough. My plan called for 14 miles but I decided to go out and get done whatever I could. I ended up with 11 miles, slow but happy to have been able to get it done.

Sunday 1/27

I was dying to get one last run done in Hawaii but my ankle was a little sore so I took a rest day before my flight back to San Francisco.


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