2018 Recap // 2019 Goals

This past year wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as last year but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I achieved all of my goals! (Well except my injury goal but I overcame all of my injuries so that counts.)

  • Run a 3:50 marathon. 3:48:37 BOOM
  • Run a 1:50 half marathon. 1:48:15

The past year showed me that I’m capable of pushing myself so much more – better nutrition, faster paces and longer miles. Not going to lie, my 2019 goal scares me.. like really scares me but I’m excited for what 2019 will bring!


  • Attempt a BQ time of 3:30.

2019 Races

  • San Jose 408k – February 3rd
  • San Jose Shamrock Run 5k – March 17th
  • Silicon Valley Half Marathon – April 28th
  • Mountains 2 Beach Marathon – May 26th
  • Across the Bay 415k – TBD
  • The SF Marathon (probably half) – July 28th
  • East Bay 510k – TBD
  • Chicago Marathon – October 13th

*use discount code REPRESENTKH to save on the San Jose 408k, San Jose Shamrock Run, Silicon Valley Half Marathon, Across the Bay 415k and East Bay 510k, remote options available.

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