Keep The Taps Running

Today we are running in support of an awesome local business, YesterYears Brewery & Taproom.


In November of 2016, David’s son Bill took his own life. Since Bill’s passing, being in the brewery has been excruciating for David – it serves as a constant reminder of what could have been. David took a leave of absence from the brewery to grieve for his son away from the place where they last saw each other. Unfortunately, this time away coincided with slow winter months when the brewery was unable to hit its revenue goals. Without David’s presence, inspiration, and commitment to craft brewing, YesterYears has fallen behind on production, sales, and business development, including a plan to roll out its own canned beer. As a result, YesterYears is several months behind on rent.

David returned to the brewery full-time January 22nd, and business has improved significantly since then. But it’s not enough to save YesterYears without outside help. Realistically, they need $28,000 to cover immediate rent expense to keep the doors open, and $50,000 to buy enough time to get back on their feet and continue to thrive. If we all come together and give what we can, even if it’s just a few dollars, our community can help ensure that YesterYears survives this critical time.

I am joining Fleet Feet Carrboro and Durham to help fundraise for this cause and would love your help in pledging/sponsoring me as I run on a treadmill outside the brewery today/this weekend. (If you’re local, then we would love it even more if you could join us!) I plan on putting together some awesome prizes for those of you who do end up supporting, we really appreciate it! If you do make a pledge or donation, all I ask is for you to leave a comment below or send me a DM over Instagram.

For more information on pledges and donations: YesterYears YouCaring Page

For more information on the event: Keep the Taps Running – Facebook Event

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