BSIM Training Week 5

WOW, another solid week in the books. I wish that I got more miles in this week but I decided to play it safe.. after all, I do have over 100 days to go. This week dealed with leftover ice/snow and running with the Fleet Feet training program!

Monday – Did a little bit of cross training since the roads were still covered in ice.

Tuesday – Finally got outside for a short 2 miles!

Wednesday – 3.2 miles of moderately difficult speedwork.

Thursday – 6 miles enjoying the 70 degree weather outside. Yes, it snowed one day and then reached 70 degrees a couple days later!

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – 8 miles long run with Fleet Feet, got in a solid 8:47 /mile pace with our group!

Sunday – Rest day, running errands and preparing for this next week!

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