Snow Running

Another snow day! To run or to take that extra rest day? 

I never had to train in the snow until I moved to North Carolina. Even then, we usually get more ice than snow in North Carolina. Ice means a definite rest day for me since it also limits me from driving to the gym and working out inside. A rest day is also better than slipping and getting injured. On the other hand, we finally had some fresh snow with very little ice this weekend so I decided to give it a try and it was a surprisingly do-able run!

These are my 3 main takeaways from my run in the snow:

  • Take it slow.
  • Run in short strides with your feet closer to the ground.
  • Focus on the ground in front of you – be aware of icy areas, cracks in the snow, holes, etc.

5 responses to “Snow Running”

  1. I live in Yerevan, and the snow is piling up and not going away. It is icy also. I have a marathon in April, and I’m quite freaking out. Also, I’d add to do either jump roping or HIIT. I hope/wish that sunny days will come sooner! Stay safe 🤓

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  2. Great job at running in snow, especially since you’re not used to it! In Wisconsin my greatest challenge during the winter months is the cold! I have Yaktrax to help with the snow but there is no way i’m running outside when its the single digits or below zero!

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