BSIM Training Week 2

Happy Holidays!!! Christmas is finally here and 2017 is coming!

So I went a little overboard this week because I’m back in California and back on the trails and treadmills that I love. Yes, there is one treadmill in the world that I do love to run on! Anyway, my ITBS is acting up after my long run today so hopefully I didn’t push it too hard.

Monday – 3 miles, easy

Tuesday – 6 miles, surprisingly easy

Wednesday – rest day to travel

Thursday – 6 miles at a 8:50 /mile pace! It was on my fav treadmill so I’m not surprised that it felt easy.

Friday – 6 miles at a 8:40 /mile pace! And this is really where I might have over done it.. oops!

Saturday – 10 miles long run at Vasona Park. If you’re in the Bay Area and you haven’t gone on the Los Gatos Creek Trail then I highly recommend it!!

Sunday – definitely calling it a rest day tomorrow.. my Christmas present to myself.

Happy running and happy holidays!

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